Started with great energy and optimism at a birds-of-a-feather meeting at Xerox PARC in 1998, the DASL effort quickly developed several protocol drafts as the IETF DASL Working Group. Unfortunately, this work was never completed, and the IETF closed the working group due to lack of progress.

However, there was still significant interest in having a protocol for searching WebDAV repositories, and there are several implementations of the existing DASL specification. In early 2002 there has been renewed interest in completing the DASL specification as an individual submission to the IETF. Julian Reschke was spearheading this effort. The latest draft has been published as RFC 5323, a Proposed Standard.


DASL Charter - from the (now closed) working group, it still acts as a guiding document giving the scope of the proposed protocol.

Discussion List

The mailing list is at <mailto:www-webdav-dasl@w3.org>. To join, send email with a body of subscribe to <mailto:www-webdav-dasl-request@w3.org>. The discussion list is archived.

Current Draft Documents


draft-reschke-webdav-search-18 (August, 2008): this draft was accepted for publication as Proposed Standard (issues list, TXT version, latest edits, history).

draft-davis-dasl-protocol-00 (April 20, 2000): This draft immediately preceded Julian Reschke's draft. It is more recent than draft-dasl-protocol-00. (See also Open issues in protocol)

draft-dasl-protocol-00 (July, 1999): This was the last draft submitted as an Internet-Draft, it has expired, but is retained for historical interest.


draft-henderson-dasl-scenarios-00 (September 18, 1998)


draft-dasl-requirements-01 (Dec 31, 1999)


DASL breakout (Nov. 9, 1999) at 46th IETF

email message

DASL BOF (August 25, 1998) at Chicago IETF


DASL BOF (June 17, 1998) at Redmond, Washington


DASL BOF (Apr 1, 1998) at LA IETF


DASL BOF (Feb 10, 1998) at Xerox PARC


Julian Reschke
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