Anonymous CVS Access

The latest mod_dav sources are now available through anonymous CVS access.

You'll need CVS, at least version 1.9. Clients should be available for most operating systems. Check out Cyclic for more information about CVS.

Initial Download

Here are the instructions for logging into the CVS server and performing the initial checkout (download) of the mod_dav sources:

% cvs -d login
You will be prompted for the password. Use "anoncvs".
% cvs -z6 -d checkout mod_dav

Familiarity with CVS is assumed; if you need assistance, then please send mail to the dav-dev mailing list.

Getting Updates

To periodically grab the latest sources, "cd" into the mod_dav directory and execute:

% cvs -z6 -q update -P -d

Viewing CVS via the Web

You can also view the CVS repository via your web browser. We are using the ViewCVS software.

Greg Stein
Last modified: Fri Dec 3 03:44:02 PST 1999