Opening up a Connection to a Web Server

In order to open up a new session with a Web Server, at the very minumum a URL is required. An example URL is This information is specified in a dialog brought up by the New Connection menu item found under the File menu.

Most servers also require a user name and password; these can be entered in the approriate edit fields.

Advanced Settings

Proxy Settings

Goliath will work with a Proxy Server. In some situations (for example, behind a corporate firewall or in an IP Masquaraded LAN), Proxy Servers are used for World Wide Web Traffic. If this is the case, please consult your local network administrator for the required information to be entered into this dialog.

To access the Proxy Settings, click on the triangle to the left of the Proxy Settings header. This will reveal the advanced proxy settings; the expanded dialog will look like this

Resource Settings

Goliath will store the resource portion of Macintosh files (these contain Macintosh specific data like file creator and type) on a WebDAV server in an invisible Unix file. There may be circumstances where this is not desirable. Enabling the Disable encoding of Macintosh Resources checkbox will prevent this from happening.

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