Editing Files

A new feature in Goliath is the abilty to open text files (including HTML and XML) within the program and save changes made to the files directly back to the web site. To open a document for editing, first select it within the Goliath UI and then select the Edit Items menu item from the Item menu. A window like this one will be displayed:

Note that files which are less than 32 KB in size can be opened in this version of Goliath. When you are ready to save any changes made to the file that is open in the text editor, select the Save Item To Web menu item from the Item menu.

Moving Files between your Mac and the Web Server

To access files that are on a WebDAV server, treat Goliath like the finder and Drag & Drop the files from Goliath to folders on your hard disk. Once on your hard disk, open up the files with the approriate authoring tools and make changes. After the desired changes have been made to the files (including adding new files), simply drag the files from your hard disk back into Goliath. The changes that were made to the files will be uploaded to the web server and any new files will also be uploaded to the server.

In general, it's desirable to Lock all of the files that will be worked on before they are copied to the local hard disk. This prevents any other user from making any changes to the files while they are being used locally.

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